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From door-to-door sales to the creation of alliances with the largest distribution chains in the United States


Bringing quality brands to all families in the United States. This is the goal set by two Colombian brothers who in less than 7 years managed to strategically position their products in more than 5000 points of sale throughout the American market.  

Entrepreneurs, visionaries, strategists, restless, this is how Mauro and Mauricio describe themselves, two young businessmen whose passion for their work has led them to become leaders in the FMCG distribution channel. The key to their expansion in such a short time has been to create alliances with strategic partners to succeed in such a competitive environment.. 

Under the Chargers2go brand, the enterprising brothers launched their line of technological products, a wide variety of cell phone chargers, USB cables and headphones of excellent quality. From this launch, in 2013, until today, they managed to introduce their products in major supermarkets and gas stations in USA such as Sedanos, Navarro, CVS, Shell, Exxon, just to name a few.      

This milestone generated new opportunities that allowed Chargers2go to expand and strengthen its product category offerings in the market. Its strategic agreements allowed it to begin distributing important brands of food products, personal care items, household products, among other categories, which led it to gradually transform itself in search of a new, more generic and corporate brand identity that would position it as such.

When they were very young, the entrepreneurs sold their chargers "door to door", but constant work, passion for entrepreneurship and their trademark based on quality and trust, allowed them to take new steps in the business world. For some time now, they have made their way into new market segments and have been able to enter more competitive segments thanks to the fact that these products are part of the family basket and have a sustained demand frequency. Thus CH2GO was born, a new identity that represents these businessmen belonging to a new generation, always sustained under the same principles: to bring quality brands to all families in the United States, adapting quickly to the requirements of their customers, taking consumer trends as a guide and above all generating strategic alliances that allow them to expand their network.

To contact Mauro and Mauricio you can visit their website: also there you can access the wide range of products and quality brands that today represent and distribute throughout the United States.

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