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Reinventing a business after the pandemic and growing exponentially in a highly competitive environment


That the pandemic has forced companies to transform is not news, but what may be interesting is the way in which some companies, such as Chargers2go, have managed to surf the wave of change, generating new opportunities and achieving significant growth in the market.

Chargers2go is a family business led by two young Colombian brothers who in less than 7 years managed to strategically position themselves in the American market, distributing leading brands and quality products in more than 5000 points of sale. One of the main factors that allowed the company to "take the big leap" and expand to exponential levels has been the alliances with strategic partners and contact networks.


Establishing ties with the important drugstore chain was fundamental for the company. This relationship led them to generate and offer new product lines that became staples during the pandemic period. The entrepreneurial family knew how to take advantage of this opportunity represented in a high demand from consumers around the world. We are talking about cleaning and personal care items such as pharmaceutical alcohol, antibacterial products, masks, among others. Thus, the company focused on offering this type of product to a strong ally: CVS.

For Chargers2go, nothing is more important than the people, connections and partnerships that can be generated, both outside the company and internally. Another factor that the company's leaders consider fundamental to achieving growth is taking care of human resources. Taking care of the people who give their best on a daily basis to support the company's development was key for this business family. Not only in times of pandemic, when fear in the streets paralyzed people, but also today and since they began to walk their business path, the Colombian brothers know how to properly manage people, attending to their needs, training them to perform their tasks and adding them to their family as another member. Love and respect for others are as important to this company as love for God. "In GOD we trust" is a phrase that accompanies them every day, both in their t-shirts and in their principles and beliefs, God is their support, their hope and the engine that for them, pushes them to overcome obstacles and go for more.

Source of inspiration and motivation, this is how we could define these Latin brothers who today shine in a highly competitive ecosystem. For them, the balance is in the links, in the quality of the products they offer and in their passion for entrepreneurship, an excellent combination that could serve as a role model for many entrepreneurs.  

To contact the founders of Chargers2go, visit their website:, where you can also access the wide range of quality products and brands they now represent and distribute throughout the United States.

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